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Membership Benefits

Why Join Our Chamber?

About The Membership

Becoming a member of the Greater Southwest Louisiana Black Chamber of Commerce means being a part of an association or network of business people and professionals designed to promote and protect the interest of its members.

Members have the ability to join committees that can make deeper-level impacts on our business community. In addition, Chamber members get to enjoy discounts offered by other chamber members as well as participate in GSLBCC events.

Benfits Of Being A Member

Join the chamber today or even share the endless opportunities the chamber has to offer as an entrepreneur or business leader in our community!

​•Business Development Opportunities

•Grants, Loans, State & Federal dollars 

•Exclusive courses & classes 

•Networking Opportunities 

•Help for start-up businesses 

•Assistance scaling your business 

•Access to Industry leaders & panel discussions.

Are You Ready To Become A Member?

Click the button below and fill our new member application today and we’ll get you into our chamber! Membership is based on levels of your business or professional interest. Payments are submitted on an annual basis, with the option of prorating payments.